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Aadhar Masking

  • As per government regulations you should only share Masked Aadhaar cards with others

  • Businesses are required to respect Aadhaar holders’ privacy

  • The initial eight digits of Aadhaar must be hidden before being stored in any system by any company that accepts Aadhaar cards from customers

Mask Aadhaar


Detect Document Type


Document Detection

  • Identify what kind of document the image contains using a Machine Learning (ML) model

  • Use this API to validate the input image and improve data collection

  • Process applications faster and improve customer satisfaction

Text Extraction (OCR)

  • Avoid manual data entry by letting us automatically extract text from images

  • Save time and minimize data entry errors

  • Find the relevant documents faster by leveraging full-text search

Extract Text


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Aadhaar Masking FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Aadhaar Masking?

UIDAI is in charge of Aadhaar rules. The initial eight digits of an Aadhaar number can be hidden or redacted in either physical or digital form, according to UIDAI.

Does Aadhaar Masking apply to all businesses?

Yes, all enterprises in India, regardless of size or age, must abide by the Aadhaar masking laws. You must mask Aadhaar before storing it in your systems or files if you are collecting Aadhaar photos from your customers, employees, vendors, etc as proofs.

When do I have to mask Aadhaar numbers?

In accordance with laws, you must mask Aadhaar preferably at the time of capture and unquestionably before permanently storing it in your databases and downstream systems.

Does my Aadhaar number need to be hidden in videos?

Yes, you must redact the Aadhaar Number from the Aadhaar card seen in the video if you use services like Video KYC and accept the Aadhaar photos.

Can I keep a database with an unmasked Aadhaar number?

No, according to laws, you are not permitted to store the complete Aadhaar Number in your databases or downstream systems. The full Aadhaar Number can be stored in your vault if you are a regulated entity with an Aadhaar Vault system, and you can utilise a stand-in number for your downstream numbers.

What image formats can be used to conceal Aadhaar data?

PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, single or multiple pages, and rotated images are all supported. Additionally, as long as an Aadhaar number is available to mask, we enable masking photographs that were taken as photocopies, colour or grayscale images, front and back images on the same page, and any quality. We have additionally trained and disguised incorrectly cropped and trained aadhaar photos more recently.

NOTE: While our APIs process all the pages of the multi-page documents, this free service is limited to the first page of the document.

What is the price of Aadhaar Masking?

We offer one of the most sophisticated aadhaar masking solutions in the market at a competitive price with the best accuracy and speed. The cost of Aadhaar masking is determined by your mode of deployment (on a device, on a server in your office, or in our cloud); batch or real-time; and volumes. To receive a personalised quote for your precise needs, please get in touch with our helpful sales team.

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